Window WeatherGuards have been designed to allow the free flow of fresh air through your home; rain, hail, or shine.  Whether you live in a house, unit, or townhouse, there is a Window WeatherGuard solution for everyone.


Window WeatherGuards are available to fit most standard Australian windows, and installation is so easy, anyone can do it!  To select the correct sizes, simply measure the overall height of your window frames; Window WeatherGuards are suitable for homes and buildings up to three stories in height.

Good Design Awards 2016

- Good Design Selection - Grand Finalist

Australian Window Association Design Awards 2015

- Winner, highly commended - most innovative component

Southern Cross University Technology & Innovation Awards

- Smart Inventors Award

Australian Window Association Design Awards 2014

- Runner up, most innovative component

New Inventors Competition

- Innovation Award. City of the Gold Coast

The Triton Foundation awards

- Innovation Of The Year, Commendation.

 The Triton Foundation awards

- Invention Champion: Diligence, Determination, Professionalism.

Save money on energy costs

Reduce your carbon footprint

Keep your home cool in summer

Support Australian jobs

 Protect against water damage

Environmentally friendly

Are These Suitable For My Home?

Window WeatherGuards are suitable for all dwellings, but are especially useful for modern homes built without eaves; this style is increasingly popular among modern builders, but unfortunately offers no protection against the elements.  Window WeatherGuards address this problem, while saving you the added expense of installing unsightly awnings; in fact, once installed, they're almost invisible!

What Sizes Are Available?

Window WeatherGuards are available in five sizes to suit most popular windows.

600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm


Before ordering your window WeatherGuards, be sure to measure your window frames as per the diagram below.

For more information on DIY installation, please view our installation instructions here.

“But it was sunny when I left home ...

- Andrew Cottle

   Inventor of the Window WeatherGuard

“What harm can a little rain do, anyway?"

Examples of weather damage that could have been easily prevented by installing a Window WeatherGuard.

By purchasing this product you are supporting Australian innovation & employment.

Australian Innovation equals Australian Manufacturing equals Australian Jobs


Australian Patent No: 905917

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